GLOBAL AFFAIRS COLLABORATION is a Virtual Platform for Collaboration among Academics, Analysts, Experts and Researchers as well as Authors, Activists, Columnists, Environmentalists, Journalists, Lawyers and all Other Individuals Interested on Global Affairs.

PLATFORM FOR Thought-Leaders

Global Affairs Collaboration is a platform for collaboration among the thought-leaders.

Global Affairs Collaboration is currently working to build capabilities and connections to act as a collaboration platform between thought-leaders and various stakeholders like governments, NGOs, research institutes, international business conglomerates etc.


Academics, analysts, experts and researchers from the following fields (or similar to following fields) of global affairs can apply for membership of Global Affairs Collaboration:

Business, Economics, Environment, Defense & Security, Geopolitics, International Relations, Peace & Conflict, Politics, Refugee, Technology and Trade-&-Investment.

PROMOTING Young Talents

Global Affairs Collaboration also helps young talents to gain experience as well as promotes them by giving their works larger exposure.

Fresh graduates and young professionals may apply for voluntary analyst and author positions for gaining experience which will most likely help them in securing a position in media, research institutes and other organizations of similar nature.

In these publications, articles are published on various topics pertaining to global affairs, including, but not limited to, economics, environment, geopolitics, national politics, refugee crisis and trade-&-investment.